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Dear Friend,

If you are looking to scale your business exponentially, then this is the most important page you will read all year.

Here is why: 

My name is Daniel Pope and I'm on a mission to scale businesses. After working with over one hundred established businesses in the past few years, I've discovered patterns.

These patterns have given me total insight into why businesses succeed and why businesses fail.

Have you ever wondered how some businesses seem to explode, seemingly overnight, while others struggle for years with little to no growth?

Well, the #1 problem facing business owners nowadays is not a stagnant sales team, poor social media presence, or even "shiny object syndrome". 
The difference between achieving business success and total failure comes from just one change.
The difference lies in how the business relates to its customers and how it can use that to its advantage.

Seems simple, right?

I'll put it another way...

The biggest problem that almost always leads to failure is the lack of storytelling.

That is why I'm writing this specifically for you today.

I'm looking for a "dream" client that I can bring in massive success for.

No, I'm not talking about a trickle of extra revenue or a single "feel good" month.

If you're that client, I will personally work with you 1-on-1 in your business to help you double, triple, or maybe even dectuple (just a fancy word for 10X) your revenue over the next 12 months.
Here's the best part: I will give you a million dollar strategy plan...whether we work together or not.
Here's why:

The first thing I'm going to do for you is to personally create a strategy plan for you to use immediately.

This only takes about 45 minutes for us to do this together.

(After doing these over the years, I've gotten pretty good at quick planning and results.)

Don't worry, because I'll even do most of the work for you...showing you what to say, where to implement changes, and exactly what to setup.
At the end of this initial strategy session, one of these three things will happen:
#1: You love the strategy plan and decide to implement everything on your own. If this is the the route you want to take, I'll bid you farewell with the best of luck and ask that we stay in touch so I we can talk about your success.

#2: You love the plan AND ask to become my client so I can personally help you execute, maximize it further, and profit from it ASAP (as soon as humanely possible).

#3: In the unlikely event that you feel like I have wasted your time, I will send you $500.00 as payment immediately to the account of your choice. No questions asked. I like to say that time is our most valuable asset, and I respect yours.

Yes, it's that simple.
But...What's the catch?
The "catch" is that once you love what all I've given you, then we begin to work together 1-on-1 to increase your sales several times over.

The worst thing that could happen is you get $500 for "wasting" an hour of your time.

(FYI, that's nearly double the hourly rate for a surgeon in the United States.)
Here's how this will work:
First, we will get on the phone 1-on-1 and go over your business.

I take a look at what you've got going on, what you're doing, and what goals you want to achieve going forward.

Once we understand the "core", I will help you put together a strategic plan of action to immediately increase your sales and profit aggressively.

There are a number of ways we can do this.

For example, I might show you how to restructure what you're saying in your marketing and advertising for better conversions, how to reactivate past customers for immediate revenue, how to tap into little-known sources of buyers, or even identify exactly where you are losing the most amount of potential sales in your business.
So why would I offer this to you?
Remember, a few paragraphs above, I told you I was on a mission to help business owners scale exponentially.

That's where I get my kicks. It makes me incredibly happy to see a passionate business owner spread their message to others.

I also really do enjoy this stuff and, honestly, I'm pretty good at it too.

Of course, I also need to tell you that I use this to attract high-level clients. 

Here's how that works:

Let's assume that you love the plan and you want me to help your business grow and flourish every month, then you'll probably want to continue working together long-term so you can focus on other things.

If this is the case, then I may invite you to become one of my long-term clients.


Because I expect to help you make much more than what you pay me per month, just like with all my other clients. And if we keep working together over the next 12 months, I'm confident I can at least double your entire business.

I will even give you a plan during our first conversation that some of my clients are using to do multiple 7-figures every month...and that's a fact.

Now, I understand, if you don't want to become a client of mine, don't worry about it. You won't feel any sales pressure or get any pitches from me. (I hate that stuff too.)
Here's my "Keep The Faith" promise to you.
You find our time together to be valuable or I'll pay you $500.00 immediately for your time lost.
Yes, I know...this is an incredible offer that you won't find from any other internet advertising "guru" in the world.

Think about it this way:

I'm crafting a "for-profit" strategy plan up front along with some other profit-generating "stuff" that I'll tell you about later.

AND...I'm taking it a step further by guaranteeing you'll find this plan to be of massive value to you...OR I'll pay you $500.00 just for wasting your time.
Who else does that? (No one that I've found.)
I'm happy to deliver on that guarantee because my clients always get great results. 

Simply put, my methods and strategies work and I know that if we work together, you'll make money.

To put that into perspective, here is just a taste of how I've helped businesses:
>> In just one month, I cut the cost per client acquisition in HALF for an $8,000 offer. This is a business doing close to 3 million dollars per year so I doubled their profit margins.

>> In 30 days, I took a brand new offer to over $63,000 in sales. This is a subscription product that makes money on the front-end but they will also make money off the customers month after month.

>> In 90 days, I quadrupled gross monthly income for a client selling apparel. This took them from $30,000 to $130,000 per month.

>> In less than 60 days, I generated over 7,100 online webinar attendees at less than 2 dollars per registrant. This played a part in the $94,000 in offer sales during that year.

As you can imagine - I get a ton of interest from this page that you're reading right now.
This is not for everybody. Here's who I can help:
I'm very specific and picky with who I'll speak with. With that being said, I do have a strict (but reasonable) set of requirements that need to be met in order for us to proceed. 

Here are the 4 simple things I require of you:
#1: You must have a solid business already.
This offer is for people who are already up and running - and simply want to run a lot faster and a lot farther.

You should be doing around six to seven figures each year already. That means at least 5 figures per month.

It's simple...I do not work with beginners or get-rich-quick schemers. If you are one of those types of people, stop reading this now.
#2: You must already have a steady flow of customers and/or leads.

I'm looking to help businesses that are viable. I cannot help you if your well has dried up with no water in sight.

You should be getting consistent traffic, running promotions, and staying consistent.

You don't need to be a "whale" in your market...just present.
#3: You must have a good, solid product and a healthy reputation.

When we work together, we will be bringing in a ton of new sales, customers, and clients. However, we will be doing it in a way that I call "goodwill marketing".

Simply put, you need to be legit.
#4: You must follow directions and be receptive to change.

Don't worry, we won't be doing anything "weird". 

The truth is, if you aren't open towards change or follow the directions, you won't make money...then I won't make money.
Here's what to do next:
If you've met the four requirements above and are super excited about creating a plan for success, then I'll happily set aside time for us to talk together.

Here's how this will work:

First you'll need to fill out an application. 

Nothing crazy, just some simple questions to understand your business, your goals, and that fun stuff.

Remember how I said that time is our most valuable asset? 

Well, I want to make sure you value mine as much as you value yours.

With that being said, I'm going to ask for a "serious about success" deposit of $250.00 prior to our call.

Basically, I'm using this as a "filter" to keep the time-wasters at bay.

(Believe me, they're the REAL problem.)

Unless of course, we decide to work together and then I can apply it to your balance. 
Here's what happens after that:
Once you fill out the short application and you've sent your "serious about success" deposit, then you will choose a time that best works for you.

This automatically connects to my calendar so you know I'll have open time to talk.

Our initial call will be anywhere between 60 minutes and 90 minutes.

This is where we really begin to figure out exactly what you want (and need)...and how to make that happen immediately.

I'll thoroughly review your goals, your business, your offers, and so forth then I'll deliver a plan to bring you more sales, customers, and clients right away.

If you see the value in becoming one of my high-level clients, AWESOME! We can talk about it further after that.

If you don't want to become a high-level client, that's okay too. I'll package up all the strategy plans and documents for you and you'll be on your merry way.

And if you tell me I've wasted your time and I have nothing of value to offer you, I will give you double your deposit back immediately. No questions asked.

So you literally cannot lose. I call this a win-win situation.
Caution - Time Is Important
This offer is extremely limited due to the immersive 1-on-1 nature of the call to provide you with a strategic plan for results.

Therefore, it is physically impossible for me to work with more than just a handful of people.

You should also realize there's a large demand for my personal 1-on-1 help, and what I'm offering you is downright insane from my end.

So with all of that being said, know that this opportunity for success won't be open long.

If you feel like this is the right fit for you as you are looking to scale your business exponentially...
P.S. If you would like to check out my awesome results, case studies, and the dozens of brands I've worked with...you can download my comprehensive portfolio below:
Daniel Pope and the team are absolutely incredible when it comes to ads! I've been running my own ads for 10 years and I've never worked with an ad agency. No one has ever been able to beat me at my own ads. These guys came in and killed it. I've been referring others to them. Every single time they OVERDELIVER! For the rest of my life I will never use another agency and I back it up 100%.

Kolton Krottinger
Founder, Krottinger Konsulting